BUL Ltd. was founded early in 1990 as a privately held company, specializing in the development, construction and maintenance of indoor shooting ranges both in Israel and abroad.

Wishing to expand its line of activities, and clearly realizing the market's need for a top-quality, yet affordable high capacity polymer 1911 pistol, BUL Ltd. began developing the BUL M-5.

With the cooperation of ergonomic experts, and top Spec-Ops and IPSC shooter, the innovative BUL M-5 pistol was launched.

Ever since the introduction of the BUL M-5 pistols in 1992, BUL's primary goal has been to supply the very best carry, service or competition handgun money can buy.

All BUL pistols are reliable, rugged, and durable - even under the harshest conditions. They are lightweight, smooth, ergonomic, compact, low in recoil, and easy to use, carry and maintain. Most of the models have a large magazine capacity of at least 17+1 rounds (9mm) and a smooth trigger pull.

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